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Saturday, October 18, 2014

List of Websites where you can Submit your Infographics for FREE

Infographic submission is becoming noticeable nowadays. Many businesses and companies produce compelling infographics may it be related to their niche or not. They make infographics to be used for online marketing, branding and traffic generation.

Why use infographics?
  • Information Graphic or information put into a graphical presentation is much easier for people to process than pure content. It is more presentable than a pure text content and easier to share on social media channels.
  • With the rise of pinterest as the fastest growing sharing platform in the world wide web, image marketing is booming and becoming more powerful.
  • It is proven to increase site traffic, improve brand image and to increase revenue through successful internet marketing approach.

Here is a list of Infographic Directories or Websites where you can submit your Infographics for FREE. 

Note: Some of them also offer paid services or promotion of infographics.
Example of Paid Services: Featured Infographics, Faster Submission Approval, Social Media Promotion of Infographics.

Reddit Infographics
Flowing Data
Cool Infographics
Infographic Place
Love Infographics
Good Infographics
Daily Infographic
Infographics Showcase
Top Infographic
Infographic List
Infographic Zone
Infographics King
Infographics Only
Infographics Archive
All Infographics
Infographic Directory
Best Infographic
Daily Statistic
Vizual Archive
Only Infographic

There are many more Submission Sites not listed. Sorry if I can't post them all.
I will add more to this list when I am able to find more Free Infographic Submission Sites.

If you want to avail an Infographic Submission Service, visit infographicssubmit.com

Monday, June 23, 2014

Pululu Pet Breeding Game - Tips and Tricks

Pululu is a FREE Android Pet Breeding Game.
I am  not really a fan of keeping virtual pets or playing pet games but I just downloaded this app because I find the image so cute and of course the name "Pululu" piqued my interest.
Gladly, after downloading and exploring the game, I liked it and until now I take care of pululu

As of now, my pululu pet named "RestyBibii" is already at level 22. He already transformed from a baby pet to a grown up little dragon. When you reach level 16, you will be asked to choose from two transformations -- the cute blue dragon and the pink one which has an odd face. I chose the blue one of course because I consider my pet as male baby dragon. :D

What I like most with this game is that it has some games inside it. Pululu sometimes asks you to play with him some games where you can earn money to buy his needs such as food, shower and cleaning materials, vaccines, medications and house accessories.
When I started this game, they only offer 2 games, but as of now, we can play 4 different games already. 3 of the games offered are somewhat difficult, frustrating and  addictive. The most addictive one is the "Tap me tender, Tap me right" which I think was developed from the game called Piano Tiles, just that with Tap me Tender, Tap me right , pululu cards are to be tapped and not piano tiles which makes the game cute.

Well, here are the games you can play while taking care of your Pululu pet.

Gaga and Flip Pululu require user to download Go locker before they can play these games because these games can be set as Go locker screen also.

Actually, my first pululu pet died at level 19 and it was because of negligence. I neglected my pet and he died maybe because of hunger or excessive thirst / dehydration. lol. After around 24 hours of not checking pululu, I just found him an angel already (dead) and so I started again by breaking the big egg until pululu came out and boooom! back to level 1. :(  Anyway, the game scores are not affected once your pet dies. Your highest scores for all the games are still there.


I like it that the cute head of baby pululu stays on screen and his cute eyes keep blinking and watching you as you are browsing your phone or whatever you're doing. When he is hungry, it will show the food that he wants to eat or any activity he wants to do. (Feature can be turned off). When you tap his head on your screen, the pop-up type window of Pululu game will appear and then you can play it right there, I mean anywhere, even when you are facebooking, chatting or whatever you're doing.
Another thing is the notification where you receive your pet's important messages like
"Pet's Name" needs your touch, "Pet's name" wants to clean, "Pet's name" wants to play a game, or wants to take shower bla bla bla..
You can see it on top, or on the notification bar and it will never disappear unless you turn it off.
It's just funny coz I named my pet after my BF, Resty Bibii, so when it says it needs my touch ( Resty Bibii Needs Your Touch) or check out your pet (Check Resty Bibii Now), it keeps reminding me of my BF. So I check and message my BF first then check pululu at the same time. :D

The game is still having  updates from time to time, I don't know until what level will I play this game and what will pululu look like when it reaches level 100. I feel like it may become like Godzilla - the Blue and Pink Barney version. XD haha

So , if you want to keep a cute pet on your phone , Start playing Pululu today to enjoy the birth of your virtual pet and watch him grow by washing, bathing, feeding and playing games with him.
Here's the Playstore Link: INSTALL PULULU NOW! 


Share with me your Pululu Pet's story and experience, leave a comment. :)

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Lyrics of No Words by Amaany Clarke

I  was just redirected to this youtube video (accidentally) and I'm glad because this song really caught my attention. I like the tune, the voice and especially the lyrics.
I tried to search for the lyrics of this song to share some parts of it on facebook and dedicate it to my boyfriend but unfortunately I didn't find one.... and I also can't copy Youtube Description containing the lyrics of this song (sigh) .
So I'm left with no choice, I will have to manually type it.. Then I remembered Samsung Galaxy S5 App called Optic Reader, ^_^ I used it and copied the lyrics from this video's description.
So here's the full lyrics of this song:


Listen, baby not with your ears cuz this song will pass you by
So this is the language of love, not every man can read at times
So forget about whatever you learnt boy,
You don't have to speak your mind to me no 
With every page you tum you'll find me, in between the line so 

And we don't even have to spell out
What "you in love with me" is about
And being in love with you is louder than I could ever shout

 Cuz no words can explain what I feel each day 
Every time you're around Seems the ground slips away 
When you come down to me and I just could not speak. 
 It wasn't hard to see, you silenced my whole world and left me breathless 
 I don't need No Words, No Words, No Words, No Words 
We don't need no Words 

This is worth a lifetime of riches, 
Diamonds, pearls and gold 
You can search through eternity and we will never grow old
So let the music play boy, I can be the lyrics to your soul
There's nothing we can say boy That our hearts have left untold 

So we don't even have to spell out 
What you loving me is about 
Being in love with you is louder than I could ever shout 

Cuz no words can explain what I feel each day 
Every time you're around Seems the ground slips away 
When you come down to me and I just could not speak 
It wasn't hard to see, you silenced My whole world and left me breathless 
I don't need No Words, No Words, No Words, No Words 
We don't need no Words 

Can't you feel my body, body I put you first, first 
You gotta know, gotta know baby No Words, 
Words Let me feel it poppin, pop it 
Don't make a sound, don't make a sound baby yeah 
And we don't even have to spell out 
 What you loving me is about 
Being in love with you is louder than I could ever shout. 

Cuz no words can explain, What I feel each day 
Every time you're around Seems the ground slips away 
 When you come down to me and I just could not speak 
It wasn't hard to see, you silenced My whole world and left me breathless
 I don't neetd No Words, No Words, No Words, No Words 
We don't need no words No Words, No Words, No Words, No Words 
We don't need no words

Hope you enjoyed the song too. :)

Monday, June 9, 2014

Infographic Place: Free Submission of Infographics and Images


Infographic Place is a submission site mainly designed to help website owners, bloggers and marketers to gain more traffic to their websites by gaining permanent backlinks and additional social media shares /exposures. I actually own this site that is why I am promoting it here. :)
Me and my boyfriend decided to make this site because we have noticed and witnessed the surge of infographics on blogs and websites. It is really undeniable that infographics are more engaging than pure text articles because it was even proven that people can easily and effectively comprehend graphical representations than articles with mere text. Infographics are also embeddable on websites/blogs and pinnable on pinterest that is why infographics can easily get viral traffic than long articles.

BENEFITS of Submitting infographics, images and videos at Infographic place:

  • Increased Traffic Generation through our content marketing assistance platform without even spending a dime
  • Higher exposure and increased site visibility by helping your website rank high in search engine results
  • Gain a higher chance of reaching your targeted audience
  • Better brand recognition that can result in increased leads, engagement and sales
  • Effective Social Media Marketing. We promote your posts on our social media pages- Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr
  • Benefit from our readers and visitors  and turn them to be your marketing ambassadors. Each post has social media share buttons. Make an interesting post, our readers will promote it for you.
So if you are Looking for Free Infographic Submission Sites, Infographic Place is one of the best sites to submit infographics for FREE..
Try Submitting now, Visit Infographic Place and enjoy their FREE Infographic Promotion.